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This was my first visit at Eastwoods in a while!! I was fully booked for almost a month and simply did not have a chance to make a turn at Eastwoods. I recently bough a 10-20mm wide angle lens and this was my first opportunity to try it out. Shooting with a 10-20mm wide angle lens is not easy…. unless you want people with strange proportioned body parts!

David J started off the night with some old skool tracks and picked up the tempo with some modern songs.
I hope you like my efforts with my new lens 🙂

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I recently had the opportunity to cover Dean’s 21st birthday party, held at Kanonberg,
The theme was “Back to the 80’s” which provided many interesting photo opportunities.
Many thanks to Dean for allow me to share some of his 21st photos…

Espirit and Citroen was the sponsors for the Divas in the City event at Trinity.
With an all-female DJ line up, covering different many music genres, it was bound to be an exciting event.

DJ Knox, Monique Pascall, Lady Lea, Digital Divas featuring Cannonball Blonde on vocals and Galina on violin, Erica Elle and Tune Raider rocked Trinity.

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Check out some samples:

Another banging event organized by Soundscape!
Combine a super club like Trinity and a fashion show with models only dressed in lace lingerie and you have an awesome party 🙂

The pics can be found here (Most of them are taken by me):

In the mean time, check out some samples:

Another banging Psytrance event at Club Privilege! Crazy music and more crazy people.
Where these people find the energy to bounce up and down for an entire night is beyond me :-).
Maybe I ‘m getting old. haha

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Psygasm @ Club Privilege, Saturday 13 August 2011 (Part 1)
Psygasm @ Club Privilege, Saturday 13 August 2011 (Part 2)

In the mean time check out some samples!

I recently had my first opportunity to cover an event for Mutha FM and Trinity.
This was the launch party for Mutha FM, whom is an progressive underground music radio station broadcasting via the Internet.

To see all the photos, please visit their website and follow the Gallery link:

Check out some shots of the night:

Sunday Satisfaction is back… with a BANG. After an absence of a month (it felt like 3!), the entire Edgemead (Yes I know some people are going to kill me) ended up in Eastwoods. The guest DJ was Haezer and he rocked the house! Eastwoods was packed  – I’m surprised how everybody managed to get a drink from the bar 🙂

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Eastwoods was pumping and was packed! There was a Jack Daniels promotion on the night and some very sexy ladies was doing the promotion 🙂 Enough time wasting….

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I recently had the opportunity to take photos at Chloé’s 21 st birthday party hosted by Inside Sports Bar @ Eden on the Bay. The theme was “Venetian Masquerade” and there were some very original outfits and masks everywhere you looked.

Chloé has been kind enough to allow me to load some of her birthday pics on my blog!

Check them out 🙂

This was my first attempt at doing a full wedding – from start to end.
I have assisted with weddings as the backup photographer but decided to take the plunge and do a full wedding.
The weather played along and it was a perfect sunny day – in the middle of winter.

Many thanks to Sandy and Damian for being so kind and allow me to capture their special day!

Check out some photos of their wedding: