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I don’t usually venture out on a Thursday night to cover a nightclub event but this time I made an exception. Not sure why….. lol…
This time I decided to take my 1.2m octagon soft box with me to see what it can do in a night club. Enough tech talk….

The ladies in underwear and swim wear were super sexy.
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In the mean time, check out some samples!

OMW… Eastwoods was jam packed! There was barely enough space to move around.
Reburn rocked the house (literally) with an awesome live performance and brought enough amps and speakers to fill the Velodrome 🙂
Scott SmallLeyton Lee and Dave Lea kept the beats flowing and the dance floor packed with some wicked tracks.

The complete album can be found here:

In the mean time – check out some samples!

It is that time of year again when we celebrate Easter and have an awesome long weekend.
Leyton Lee, Lady Lea and Keaton a.ka. Straight Jacket rocked the house with some wicked tunes.

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In the mean time, check out some sample photos 🙂

SRH Clothing sponsored the National Cleavage Party at The Local and I was asked to take a couple photos.

The place was packed and the music was pumping. Dave Lea and Dan Scot played some killer tunes.
 It didn’t take very long before the ladies were dancing on the tables and on the bar.
‘Nuff Said! (Apparently this happens a lot…. lol)

The Facebook group of “The Local” Sports and Theme bar can be found here:

The complete album can be found here:

The weather was awesome – one of those awesome sunny days that encourages you to dig out your shorts (because you thought the warm summer days has passed!) and t-shirt or bikini.

I decided to drag along my 60x60cm softbox (if you don’t know what it is…. google it!) and extra camera gear to mess around with and hopefully get more interesting photos with better lighting.

Dave Lea, Gareth “Scott Small”, Leyton and Dan Scot rocked the house with some awesome tunes.

The complete album can be found here:

In the mean time….. check out some sample pics!

I have always loved the 2 Oceans Aquarium and haven’t been there in a while.

Taking photos at a 21st event hosted at the 2 Oceans Aquarium was totally awesome, especially with the lights turned off and only having candles lighting up the venue.

Have a look at some of the photos that I took at Deidre’s 21st party:

I was recently asked by Tara to take photo at her 21st birthday party.
It was also a perfect opportunity to test out my new 50mm prime lens and see how it copes with low light conditions. The lens exceeded my expectations and managed to capture some awesome photos.

Check out some of the photos of Tara’s special day 🙂

Intimate Pleasure turned up the heat at China White on Saturday…

The list of goods for sale was, to put it mildly, was huge!
Feel free to check out their Facebook group to check out their products and future events:
The complete album can be viewed here:
Check out some of the night!

I popped in at Eastwoods to take some pics of the launch party of the Traktor Boys.

The beats were hot and the dancers even hotter 🙂

The complete album can be found here:

Check out some sample of the action…..

Another banging Sunday Satisfaction with some banging set!

The full album can be found here:

Usually I upload the photos to the Sunday Satisfaction Facebook group but Facebook decided to remove the feature that allow us to upload photos to a Facebook group…. tsk tsk.

If you don’t have access to Facebook, check out some sample photos below: